Michael  Baumgarten


Before starting his first steps in the photographic field, Michael studied performing arts in germany. The transition from being on stage, to creating behind the  camera, happened slowly by initially working as a Curator for a german Fotofestival called Deutsche Fototage in 1993. This Exhibition "Ansichten von Alexandra S." received the Kodak Award as best photobook.

He moved to Paris and worked as an assistant to some well known photographers, aquiring all the skills and knowledge that are the base of his work today.

He has worked for Editorial clients as Vogue ( Italy, USA, UK, China, Russia ), Haarpers Bazar USA, Dazed and Confused, The World of Interiors, Li Edelkoort and Bloom among others.

And commerical brands as Celine, Louis Vuitton, Saks, Calvin Klein, Cartier, Hermes.

An important focus is to combine art and commerce, and within this concept he has participated in Exhibitions in Art Cologne / Halle 10, published bookprojects as:

"The Deformers-Attempted Deception" and participated in numerous Art publications.


Following the pulse of Zeitgeist he has since 2010 widened his

photographic activity to image making, expressing himself as well

in interactive image content, animation and video.