Deformers attemped deseption

The deformers Attempted deception

The Deformers is a collaborative personal journey between photographer Michael Baumgarten and set designer Anna Burns. While working together on a fashion story on the East Coast of England the creative duo hatched a plan to develop a project that would provide a platform to communicate their private stories stories that they really wanted to tell. Intentionally radical, messy and furtive, these stories aim to ask more questions than provide answers. ...

With reoccurring themes of fetishes, altered realities, sex, frivolity and darkness Baumgarten and Burns fuse obscurity with mischief and wit. The image making process began five years ago and the result is 90 dramatic narratives depicting their creative journey. Documenting the teams own codes and language, the images feed on their experiences and dredge their subconsciousness. The Deformers exist in a shifting, excessive world where nothing is forbidden a place where both Baumgarten and Burns revere an existence.

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Attempted deception

Edition of 500 Copies published by Deaf Publications, London, 2009
160 pages, ISBN 978-0956344007

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