Army of fetiches

Shifted Realities

Michael is an Alchemist. He transforms the everyday to reveal the marvelous, the fantastic or the baroque. Everything is normal and nothing is normal.

We go from surprise to amazement, like Alice in Wonderland. ...

The most insignificant reality shifts into another dimension, becomes theatrical and we are the hypnotized spectators.

Michael is a revelator of life. When humans have deserted, places and objects escape from their usual destination to take life. They assert themselves and take their freedom. Here, a wallpaper comes to life and gives its vital energy to a sleeping room. Pop-ups disturb the calm of a library. And here again, look! A bicycle stumbles through a field, dreaming of flying.

Plants and animals are the only living beings to see and participate in this enchantment.

It is dizzying. We hold our breath, conscious of the rarity of this spectacle.

We avoid sudden gestures, we are silent for fear of revealing our presence and breaking the magic.

Your eyes are not enough. You will need all your senses, because each photograph will put them on alert. You feel the dry and heavy heat of Mali, you hear the wind rustling though the lace of a garden, you caress the relief of azulejos in Portugal, you bite into a full and ripe grape.

When the world seems dull and grey, open this book and let yourself be caught by the poetic beauty of SHIFTED REALITIES.

Marie-Agnés Gaillard

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Shifted Realities

Edition of 500 Copies, published By Bumm Bumm Books, Cologne, 2023

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