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True Trips

Michael Baumgarten sees things that we don't. Fortunately, during his travels, he has photographed them.He delivers TRUE TRIPS, an odyssey of enigmatic and powerful photos and videos.

Forget the slide show after your holiday.This is not about fixing memories but about entering a world. His world.Incongruous, whimsical, mysterious, funny or disturbing.And it tingles! ...

YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT TO SEE IT.But above all, it raises questions.About reality. The one we perceive. And on the truth that we grant it.In the age of Artificial Intelligence and its flood of Fake News, Michael shakes our certainties and confronts us with our own convictions.What is truth? If not what we see through our personal filters and biases.So what is it? Realities or illusions? It's up to you!

IS IT ALL? WELL, NO. IT'S BEGINNING. A TOTAL EXPERIENCE!Do you think that TRUE TRIPS can be flipped through quietly with a cup of tea?No way!After the first reactions (surprise, disbelief, mistrust, adhesion), the author invites you to a real immersion in his universe.Each photo is accompanied by a video. Embark on a journey to Australia, discover Paris by night as you have never seen it before, walk on the red soil of the Andes...

IT'S UP TO YOU TO GET ON BOARD!Each photo becomes a postcard. Send them in turn. To your relatives, your friends, the people you love.You like one or more videos? Do you play them over and over again? Be a real collector and make them travel, share them.And why not share them with Michael? Maybe he'll be inspired to make an even crazier TRUE TRIPS 2!

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A collection of 30 photos and associated videos. Each photo has its own QR code that links to a video. Each photo can be transformed into a postcard.

Concept: Reality or illusion? You have to believe it ti see it!

Why: To shake you up (after all, that’s what art is for, isn’t it?)

Follow up for NFT drop if the animation.

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