Michael Baumgarten



Vogue Italia Exhibition 2016

Installations with Elisa Zaccanti

The Casa Vogue Book Obsession Story. Michael Baumgarten, Installation for Vogue Italia
The Grumpy Bride by Michael Baumgarten for Vogue Italia.
Juliette Fazekas for Vogue Italia by Michael Baumgarten.

Juliette Fazekas as the Grumpy Bride for Vogue

Cosmic Beauty Story with Hedvig Palm from Next Models shot by Michael Baumgarten.

Hedvig Palm in a Cosmic Beauty Story

Vogue China Chalet Beauty Story. The animations have been imagined for the ipad version of the magazine, transporting

an interpretation of the swiss chalet braids to downtown Shanghai. Mise en Beaute par Sam Hillerby and Polly Osmond.

Isabel Marant 3d Lookbook with Hayett shot by Michael Baumgarten. Etoile for Isabel Marant by Michael Baumgarten with Hayett Mc Carthy. Michael Baumgarten for Isabel Marant created by Anna Burns.

Isabel Marant Lookbook SS 2016


Michael Baumgarten for Isabel Marant. Michael Baumgarten Installation for Isabel Marant.

Jil Sander View Bag Animation

Michael Baumgarten Vogue Italia Beauty.
Michael Baumgarten shoot for Italian Vogue

Vogue Italia Medival Braids

Michael Baumgarten for Saks.

Reimagening the Skrebneski Style of the 80ies in a Now Look. We went for sprinkled color surfaces

to interpret the Jewellery Selection of Saks for this Season. Mise en Beauty by Ralph Siciliano.

Michael Baumgarten Beauty Braids story. Braids Beauty Story styled by Kathy Phillips for Vogue China Michael Baumgarten Animation for China Vogue.

Vogue China

Dreameye Vogue Gioiello going on a City Trip. This collaboration with Bodypainter Guido Danielle was shot

for Vogue Gioiello.

Make up Icon Lisa Eldrige imagining the new gloss.

Michael Baumgarten is shooting Lancomes new gloss created by Lisa Eldridge for Sunday Times Style.
Michael Baumgarten.

With Anna Dello Russo we imagined this surreal story, about a Giant Woman in Paris.

Mise en Beaute by Isamaya Ffrench and Jose Quijano. Michael Baumgarten shoots Aliens for japanese Vogue and Anna Dello Russo.

Electric Orchids is a collaboration with Lightpainter Fred Valezy. Click to see the animated gallery.

This Collaboration with Plasticine Artist Alexandra Bruel and Vogue UK

exlores the crossover of sculpture and pop art, when shot for a Magazine.

Carol Woolton edited the jewellery for this shoot.

David Mallett created these haircuts surfing on the

cutting edge of Logomadness.

Lace Installations for Casa Vogue shot by Mchael Baumgarten imagined by Franca Sozzani. Male Nude Lightpaintings shot by Michael Baumgarten. Male Nude Lightpaintings shot by Michael Baumgarten..
Male Nude Lightpaintings shot by Michael Baumgarten.. Shot in King Ludwig II castle Schloss Linderhof in Germany for italian Vogue.

Electric Orchid Animations see Gallery

Casa Vogue Lacescape is one of the many collaborations with Mrs

Franca Sozzani for Italian Vogue.

Michael Baumgarten for Italian Vogue with this Glitter Beauty Story. Michael Baumgarten shoots Louise Parker for Italian Vogue. Michael Baumgarten shoots this Beauty For Italian Vogue

Vogue Italia Glitter takes us to a Funky Bathroom style by Enrica Ponzellini.

Giorgio Armani Gio Campaign shot by Michael Baumgarten. Pinned Flower shot by Michael Baumgarten for Li Edelkoorts Bloom Magazine.

Images and idea for Li Edelkoort's Bloom Magazine

Beauty Menu styled by Kathy Phillips for Vogue China. Michael Baumgarten Beauty Story. Michael Baumgarten beauty shoot reinterpreting Nijitskis Make up for the Ballet apres midi d un paon. Michael Baumgarten and Anna Burns shoot the  Roboshock Video for the Jaxx.

Roboshock and Music Video for Basement Jaxx

Jardin sur le Toit shot by Michael Baumgarten for Hermes in Paris.
Vogue Gioiello Cover shot by Michael Baumgarten stying by Enrica Ponzellini. The fragrance Campaign shot for Hermes in Paris by Michael Baumgarten. Michael Baumgarten Beauty inspired by the Ballett Apres Midi d un Paon from Nitjisky.
Pole Dance cut outs bringing us into a sexy universerse by Michael Baumgarten. Giovanna Battaglia styled this food and jewellery story for Vogeu Gioiello shot by Michael Baumgarten. Giovanna Battaglia and Michael Baumgarten created this Food and Jewellery shot mise en scene by Anna Burns.

Vogue Gioiello

Michael Baumgarten.

The Deformers Project / Attempted Deception / A collaboration with Anna Burns

Giovanna Battaglia collects fine jewellery for a surreal shot at Deyrole Paris. Beige and seventies looking shot by Michael Baumgarten. Printed Trompe  l Oueil Story shot by Michael Baumgarten for Casa Vogue. Alice in Wonderland jewellery story shot for Vogue Nippon by Michael Baumgarten. Secection of Fine Jewellery and Taxidermy of Tiger, Cheetah, Zebras edited by Giovanna Battaglia for Vogue Gioiello. Cartier Chettah with Diamonds and Saphires shot in a surreal cut out book by Michael Baumgarten. Anna Burns has creatred this Alice in Wonderland set for Vogue Japan.

The Deformers Project a collaboration with Anna Burns.

Colored Mini Vegetables shot for Vogue Gioiello by Michael Baumgarten. Giovanna Battaglia and Michael Baumgarten style this jewellery shoot for Vogue Gioiello.

All rights reserved Michael Baumgarten

Vogue Gioiello Cover with Vegetables and Jewellery shot by Michael Baumgarten.